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just peel off the ew!

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AfreSHeet - Make your bed once. If it gets soiled, instantly peel away that layer to reveal another soft, comfy, clean disposable layer.

AfreSHeet package insert. A fitted sheet with SEVEN waterproof peel-away layers.

Do you hate changing your sheets and doing laundry? We all do! What if you could have a soft, comfy, clean fitted sheet with 7 peel away top layers? Now you can… Just peel off the ew! And sleep on the new!


The average person spends 1/3 of their life in bed sleeping. This doesn't even account for the time you use your bed for other purposes such as eating, drinking, studying, watching TV, reading, guests…and other activities! In addition -  illness, incontinence, toilet training, and a variety of other situations all require you to change your sheets often. Everyday dirt from sweat, dead skin and hair, as well as bedbugs and dust mites among other creatures reside in your sheets. Even showering or wearing clean sleepwear doesn't negate the dirt that accumulates in your bed.


Instantly have a new, soft, comfy, clean, waterproof sheet to sleep on no matter what happens! No need to hassle with the time and expense of changing, washing, drying, and wrestling with the corners every time you soil your sheet. And those stains that never come out…

AfreSHeet's seven layers are made from a proprietary soft polyester blend with a waterproof coating. This ensures that no liquid will seep down to the next layer, always keeping your sheets fresh and clean. The simple-to-use design allows you to hold the corners of the top layer and easily peel it down to instantly reveal the layer beneath.

The simple-to-use design allows you to hold the corners of the top layer and easily peel it down to isntantly reveal the layer beneath.

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$29.95  (Shipping included on orders over $35)

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AfreSHeet is the world's first and only fitted sheet with seven soft, comfortable, peel away, disposable layers. Perfect for college students!!

Why Afresheet? Each time you wash your sheets it can take up to fifty gallons of precious water, there are harmful chemicals in many laundry detergents, and it takes lots of energy to run the washing machine. Not to mention it's expensive!

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